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8-Step Event Planning Guide From Concept to Celebration

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Signature Experience Events exists to support businesses of all sizes in planning special occasions.

With an eye for detail and a passion for personalized service, I’ll execute your idea and deliver an unforgettable experience, treating your guests as if they were my own. Take the work out of your next event – let’s talk today.


Plan your Events with 1 (or more) Purposeful Goals

Your events need to have a goal or objective. If it’s a single event, it can have more than one  goal. Ask yourself and define the objective(s) of your events determining what you want to  achieve.  

A. What is the reason you are hosting the events?  

B. What are the key things you want your guests to experience?

C. Quantify your goals when you know the “why” of your gathering and ensure they’re  measurable using the acronym as follows:  

S. Are your goals/objectives Specific? 

M. Are they written so they are... Dive deeper into the blog! Click below to keep reading.


Allocate a Cost-effective Budget to Manage your Event Strategically

Arranging and managing your celebrations, requires some financial boundaries to... Dive deeper into the blog! Click below to keep reading.


Select Suitable Dates with Compatible Venues and Secure Permits

When you are considering organizers, hosts, and guests; choose your dates and timing of the  events to the availability, seasonality, and... Dive deeper into the blog! Click below to keep reading.


Invitations, Promotion, and Marketing 

When you are sending your invitations and marketing your events, timing and strategic  promotion is fundamental.  

You can leverage the power of social media advertising, email campaigns, event listing  websites, partnerships with related groups/organizations and good old word-of-mouth, to... Dive deeper into the blog! Click below to keep reading.


Event Scheduling Checklists & Timelines

Depending on the size of your events, you may need to have timelines starting with 6 – 12  months ahead of your event dates. 

6 – 12 months ahead – Examples would be securing your venues, researching, and hiring an  event coordinator, set up a Budget &/or Finance Committee, getting bids for various  components of events, to name a few. 

3 – 6 months ahead – Start committee meetings once per month, send out funding requests to  donors, sponsors, and corporations if you’re hosting fundraising events, contact printer/graphic  artists for invites and... Dive deeper into the blog! Click below to keep reading.


Securing Venues, Catering Services, Refreshments with Collaboration and Execution

Arrange and manage logistics of venues, rentals, vendors, pricing, deliverables,  refreshments/catering, A/V sound system, musicians, speakers, and accommodations, attaining  collaborative and amicable negotiations. You want to... Dive deeper into the blog! Click below to keep reading.


Décor and Details

Ensure you pay attention to and "have any eye" for the finer details. These make events  memorable and visually appealing. From personalized touches to seamless transitions between any activities, every detail contributes to the overall ambiance, mood, and experience of the  events. 

Think about the occasion is and what kind of atmosphere you want for your décor, and table  settings. Is it an Afternoon Tea, Garden Party, Picnic, Anniversary or Birthday?... Dive deeper into the blog! Click below to keep reading.


Contingency Plans

Contingency plans aka “Plan B’s” are necessary. Unforeseen things can and do happen! Be  prepared to adapt to unexpected changes/challenges. Consider these: weather changes, risk  assessments, emergency contacts, back-up suppliers, vendor cancellations, communication  plans, timeline adjustments, resources, staff, and... Dive deeper into the blog! Click below to keep reading.

Thank you for investing your time and trust in this e-book and my experience. 

Whether you are planning your upcoming events or simply implementing new strategies, I  encourage you to post your newfound insights and ideas into practice. You can tag me on  Instagram when you want to. @signature_experience_events and @thetealadyrita  

Are there key takeaways you can utilize? Comment and share them on your social media  platforms.  

One personal anecdote to share with you and reinforce the value of effective event planning is checklists are an absolute must! Speaking from experience...there are so many things to do and  remember and you most likely could forget something. Be prepared. Check your checklists. Share your feedback, light-bulb moments, or ("I never thought of that”). You can reach out and  contact via email with any questions, comments, or suggestions for future editions or topics. 

My mission: Here for you creating stress-free events so you can enjoy meaningful moments  with your guests. Working with you creating memorable experiences, cultivating relationships,  and giving back to the community. 

Think about when you want to enjoy your gatherings and have a wonderful time, stress-free  with your guests. We can talk about your ideas and visions of what you want.  Send an email to [email protected] when you want to talk about your plans for your upcoming special events.

Hear From Our Clients

Success Stories That Speak Volumes

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"Rita is great! She’s the planner you need if you’re looking to be a guest at your own party (who isn’t)! I love how Rita goes the extra mile to make sure her clients are well taken care of. She also does beautiful gift baskets specially curated for anyone on your list. Highly recommend!"

Stefanie Fournier
Personal Branch Coach & Photographer, Langley, BC

"Rita is kind, thoughtful and thorough in everything she takes on. I called upon her expertise when I was in need of hiring a caterer. She kindly sourced 3 reliable options, with menu suggestions, and pricing. We then went through the options together and decided on the best one for our event. Rita then looked after making the arrangements with the catering company. Her kindness and thoughtfulness and going above and beyond made it a pleasure to work with her. I would highly recommend Rita and Signature Experience Event for your upcoming events. Many Thanks."

Laura Harvey
Surrey, BC

"We had a chance meeting with Rita a couple of months ago when we were organizing a community event, got to chatting and found out about her MANY interests and talents, one of which is creating custom gift baskets. We work in real estate and had desperately been seeking gift baskets with a more personal touch so Rita came into our lives at the perfect time! She'll take a few notes on our clients interests/demographic, let her creative juices flow and produce such beautiful results. Our clients have been so pleased with the baskets and can feel the love, care and attention that has gone into creating them. We're so excited to stay connected with Rita and see what other ways we can work together! In a world of technology and less face to face communication, it has been such a treat to connect with Rita in person (Did I mention, we even got to visit her sheep farm with our toddler!?). If you hire Rita to help with an event, you can be sure her warmth and joy will light up your event space! We highly recommend Rita with Signature Experience Events!"

Miquelle & Chris McGill
Corbin & Co., Langley, BC

"Rita’s products and services are beautifully curated from her heart. Rita works with each client to provide a unique and special experience. I would highly recommend Rita to help brighten and uplift your events!”

Shawna Moores
Styled Staging and Design, White Rock, BC

"Rita is such a friendly, open, and engaging person! She makes you feel heard and valued whenever you are in her presence. It is clear that she has a true passion and desire to provide the best possible customer services for her clients.”

Jennifer Greenwood
Maple Ridge, BC

"I have attended numerous parties, gatherings, and backyard barbecues at Rita's over the years. She works hard at what she does and she fosters a warm and inviting atmosphere. Rita is so kind, generous, hospitable, and thoughtful in how she plans and hosts events. She will consistently go the extra mile to make sure her guests feel wanted and welcomed!”

R. R-L.
Langley, BC

"I just love your gift ideas!! You make gift giving easy!!”

Cindy B.
White Rock, BC

"I had the pleasure of attending an afternoon tea that Rita Siebert organized and facilitated. The choice and quality of the food was superb and more than enough for our gathering. Rita’s attention to details added to our overall wonderful experience. I highly recommend utilizing Rita’s expertise and passion for your event.”

Gloria Laurence
Surrey, BC

"Rita was very thoughtful, responsive, and attentive as a host and venue provider for our wedding. She went above and beyond in preparing the venue and took the time to be mindful of the little things that helped make our wedding ceremony so beautiful! She was flexible and accommodating to our needs when it came to setting up before the event, the rehearsal dinner, and our day-of getting-ready needs. It was great to be able to host our rehearsal dinner at the same venue and Rita even had most of the tables and chairs which was so helpful as it meant one less rental to worry about! We are so grateful for the many hours she put in to help make our wedding day what it was!”

Langley, BC

"Rita is a detail-oriented event planner with a keen eye and a dedication to making her clients feel good! Her warm energy and kind nature make working with her on events and gift sets both simple and enjoyable. I also appreciate her passion and support for other local makers, and have watched her grow her business with the intention of spreading joy and love. Even after Covid made it more challenging, she adapted her business; the mark of a true entrepreneur. I love working with Rita and would do it again in a heartbeat.”

A. S.
New Westminster, BC

"Rita listens and responds to her clients’ needs on an individual basis. She is a true professional. I would highly recommend her for all your events needs.”

Shawna Moores
Styled Staging and Design, White Rock, BC

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